100% organic

A healthy lifestyle maintained with supplements today is not only reserved for top athletes. Protein shakes are increasingly being used as a supplement to a healthy diet and sport lifestyle. Today, there are a lot of whey powders with preservatives and artificial sugars in circulation, which only gain muscle growth, but are bad for overall health. Therefore Ekopura was founded: a pure, fully organic whey protein with 80% protein and no additives; all natural.

Ekopura is all about quality: pure ingredients with respect for humans, animals and the environment. Awareness is not yet penetrated in the field of nutritional supplements. In general, low quality supplements with an excess of artificial- and unnecessary additives are used.

The Ekopura protein naturally contain all essential amino acids and are full of antioxidants for muscle build-up and recovery. The whey is derived from organic cows that graze outside, all year round. There are three flavors available: ’ Purely Natural’, ‘Smooth Cocoa “and” Refreshing Vanilla’. The shakes are easy to mix with other ingredients. Ekopura is working to expand their product range of with healthy, responsible and delicious products for a fair and responsible lifestyle.