This makes you disappear

In a world where the choice to remain anonymous is no longer a choice, Access All Brands launches the first ever consumer product precision-engineered to claim back your right to privacy, in a sophisticated and sexy manner. Presenting  The  ISHU, a world premier fashion scarf that allows the wearer to  influence  flash  photography!   Saif  Siddiqui,  founder of Access All Brands  and  the  force behind the creation of this #InvisibilityCloak  was adamant that a stylish solution be available to that select group of people who  want  to  control  unwanted  pictures  of them being taken with mobile devices, which inevitably end up plastered across social media. Simply put, The ISHU gives you control over your image and as such, the power to decide which  pictures  of  you  end  up on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. As  spotted  during  the Paris and London Fashion Week events, The ISHU was officially  launched  at  Soho  House Toronto in October 2015. At its first official  unveiling  (or veiling!), The ISHU immediately attracted a starry constellation  of  supporters  including  Nick  Jonas, Nina Dobrev, Kiesza, Hannah  Simone  and many other names that are known around the world.