The most ambitious fish restaurant in the world

There is no anniversary that should stay unnoticed. With that in mind, fish restaurant Pesca decided to celebrate their 2-year anniversary in style. To grab Amsterdam’s attention, they let loose a shark fin in the Amsterdam waters. The media immediately went crazy about their stunt and wrote about it in local, national and even international media. For their next event, Pesca took their dining to a higher level. Up in the air to be precise. In co-operation with CuliAir, Pesca invited a small group of press to enjoy their tasty fish in a hot-air balloon. Last but not least, they ended their celebrations with a large event in the Vondelpark. Besides celebrating their birthday, Pesca also launched a crowdfunding announcing their expansion to a second restaurant. Since a birthday is not complete without handing out treats, Pesca handed out 10.000 free oysters to all attendees. We, as an agency, are very curious about Pesca’s promising future plans and cannot wait to see more Pesca restaurants in Amsterdam and elsewhere.