Talk to each other!

NEWD. The brand that encourages people to talk to each other…

During a trip to India, founders of NEWD, Stevie Vos and Mareille Schouten, designed a ton-sur-ton suit, resistant to tropical temperatures and consisting of shirt and shorts. On every street corner, the suit started a conversation, all the reason to launch this conversation-starting-suit in the Netherlands. NEWD was born.

Due to the bad internet connection in India, we were forced to leave our smartphones alone. Getting ‘clean’ from our social media life and  all the casual conversations about the suit, created  the need to go offline more often, even in the Netherlands.  NEWD is a brand that tries to be the topic of conversation. The first product in which we do this is a clothing line, but in the future this may be a completely different product.“- Stevie & Mareille.

NEWD’s Tall King collection consists of  three ton-sur-ton suits with a buttoned shirt, over trouser shorts. NEWD worked with two artists; Steven Lummel and Tim Mastik. They have each designed a print with a clear link to communication. Each suit has a limited edition run.