Online influencer platform

Makers Channel is a new online video platform. It’s the ‘perfect mix of YouTube and Netflix’, collates the ‘best of the web’ and produces original series with social influencers and stars. The platform brings six themes; comedy and pranks, cooking and food, beauty and lifestyle, gaming, music and entertainment.

Every week, new shows and (sub) channels are added. Makers Channel expects a distinctive selection of the best web series of the Netherlands. The channel provides content creators and well-known talents from the sports, music and online-industry, including Rens Kroes, Cinemates, Vivian Reijs, Theaumes, Ponkers, De worsten van Babel (Ryan Babel), Dit is Normaal, Defano Holwijn, Miljuschka Witzenhausen and Lizzy van der Ligt.


Marko van Kampen, founder & CEO of Makers Channel: “Makers Channel will be a godsend for many viewers, because we bring the best web series in one place. We give the makers an extra stage in which they will find new audiences and furthermore will earn significantly more than any other comparable platform. In this way, our talents can make a living out of creating and thus produce more of their work. “