NA-KD is here!

NA-KD Fashion, the Scandinavian fashion retailer known for its online presence, and also one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, will have a physical store in the Netherlands on 14 September. Penny Jane Ros opens Europe’s first NA-KD flagship store and at the same time launches the first NA-KD fashion line.

The first flagship store of the Scandinavian web store will be opened in the city center of Amstelveen by Penny Jane Ros. The owner, who herself comes from a retail family, has taken the step from her company RSDM to open a physical store in the center of Amstelveen.

Besides opening the physical store of the e-tailer, Penny Jane Ros will also launch the first exclusive fashion line of NA-KD in the store. This fashion line will be sold in the store, but also on the webshop under the name RSDM.nl, which will be run by Poyan Rahimzadeh.