More than 365 styles a year

Today, personal styling service Maison365 organized a complete show at Amsterdam Fashion Week. The styling team at Maison365, led by Danie Bles, has put together more than 50 autumn looks that were shown during the show. To create the looks, the show has collaborated with boutique brands that are affiliated with Maison365.

The Maison365 fashion show offers an opportunity for the platform to show what can be expected when a box is ordered. The aim of the show is to show the versatility of the platform. This versatility is an important aspect of Maison365, since each box is tailored to the personal taste of the customer. This personal taste is guaranteed by maintaining extensive contact with the wishes of the customer. In addition, no look that is sent is the same, because Maison365 works with lesser known brands and small series. The diversity of fashion was shown in 3 different themes during the show; starting with Paris, followed by Scandinavian young talent and ending with Seventies. The items selected for the show offered a range of looks that can be worn for any occasion. The show was especially distinguished in the portability of the looks.