Laidback Luke powers up with JuiceBrothers

On Monday August 6, JuiceBrothers launches a healthy milkshake in collaboration with DJ / producer Laidback Luke. The limited edition CHOCOLOCO milkshake is being released in honor of the new summer hit by the artist. JuiceBrothers joined forces with Laidback Luke, who is also known as a trainer and ambassador for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The artist will launch his new summer hit ‘Milkshake’ today, so the collaboration almost naturally took the form of a limited edition milkshake.

After several tastings and adjustments of the recipe, the CHOCOLOCO limited edition milkshake was created. CHOCOLOCO is a combination of JuiceBrothers’ Vanilla Sky milk, cocoa powder, cashews, himalayan salt and light agave syrup. A milkshake with only natural ingredients, free of refined sugars and – very important – a delicious taste. The summer hit of Laidback Luke, a collaboration with Ale Mora and Shermanology, contains all the ingredients to get everyone in a party mood. ‘Milkshake’ is a festival-friendly production where Laidback Luke gives his old sound a new look. Shermanology has provided the track with the iconic lyrics to Kelis’ eponymous hit from 2009.