Go Well

On May 22nd, Shell V-Power launched its new formula. Thorough research was done amongst Dutch car drivers, which brought interesting results; driving when cloudy is the perfect circumstance on the road, listening to comedy makes the driver happier, and eating breakfast helps drivers concentrate better! All the results were presented in an immersive event; The Frictionless Party. Where guests could race against Robert Doornbos & Samantha van Wijk, create their own car perfume, talk to dr. Chris Bauer and do car-gym excersises. Ali B did a stand up sketch, talking about the research, even complimented with a song.

The campaign also runs online. Victoria Koblenko, Dennis Weening, Jamie Li, Lizzy van der Ligt, Yuki Kempees, Stefan (Stuk TV), Nienke Plas & Ellen Hoog all captured their driving skills & frustrations in the car. The video’s will be seperately released until June 5th.

Nienke Plas | Shell V-Power