From the heart

YUKI released his very first solo LP. The artist, known for his role as MC in Kris Kross Amsterdam, author of his own books and columnist of Glamour Magazine (NL), created every part of the process himself. From singing and song-writing to creating beats and melody lines, he did it. The LP is a part of a final album which is being released in phases through-out 2020; on streaming services only.

The LP is an ode to love, inspired by his girlfriend and other love (and break up) stories in his surroundings. To create a buzz before the release, he interviewed 5 power women to give them a preview of the tracks and have a tete-a-tete about love. Find the series here.

Scope of activities;

  • Press release
  • Press follow up
  • Seeding of influencers (merchandise)
  • Invitation process to the launch event
  • Event hosting