First time AFW show!

On Sunday 9 September Lizzy van der Ligt, stylist and founder of Le Café Noir Studio, showed her collection for the first time during Amsterdam Fashion Week. The brand’s first fashion show was a funky feel-good show full of colors and prints. The dream of running an own label was born when Lizzy did an internship in Paris. The name of the label is due to the eponymous café in which Lizzy collected all her inspiration for her own brand. With the brand she wants to create collections from which she can pick up an item every day.

The collection of Le Café Noir Studio consists of all types that Lizzy can be during a week. Whether she should dress for a fancy, but funky datenight, a long working day, a night out or just to do shopping at the Albert Cuyp Market; the items from the collection can be combined for every occasion. The essence of the collection is color, prints and especially the combination of both, with which Lizzy hopes to cheer up the streets. All items can be combined for a funky look; from dressed up to funky cool.

All images: Team Peter Stigter.