be the baddest bad-ass-version of yourself

Fashion inspires on more than one level. As for many, it’s a way to express one’s group identity or social status. Others view it as the unedited, unfiltered, uncut and sometimes unintended expressions of both mood and individuality. Without its spontaneous character, it would lose its ability to reinvent and inspire.

FAUX PAS is a night where people of the industry come together and are able to connect freely, without a filter. An evening free of etiquettes, rules, and taboos. 

Grey Goose vodka passed by whilst guests were chatting & dancing with David Bowie, Donatella Versace, and Grace Jones.

As a kick-off party for Amsterdam Fashion Week, we connected different spirits, who did what was completely not done, ‘FAUX PAS’ at Jimmy Woo.