America Today lets people, inspire people

America Today launches its new campaign, The Inspiration Project. In collaboration with presenter Benten Wijnen, a podcast series will be launched to inspire and motivate young people. For this series, (young) people are invited who have made their career or are still working on it.

In the podcast series, well-known people will come forward to share their passion and adventures. Yuki Kempees (writer and part of DJ collective KrissKross Amsterdam), Ron Simpson (co-founder The Avocado Show), Ginny Ranu (founder Vacature via Ginny), Luuk van Dijk (house DJ), Isabelle Hanssen (freestyle ski master at world level), Milou Turpijn (Editor-in-Chief for Women’s Health) and Kelvin Boerma (manager of the successful Youtube channel Kalvijn and Cinemates).