Our agency operates behind the scenes, so we can put our clients in the spotlight they deserve. Speak Easy stands for clear communication, which is the key ingredient of our business.


We strive to establish a strong sense of consumer engagement by carrying out your brand message through the appropriate channels and use a 360 degree approach, reaching on- and offline media, creating powerful brand visibility. Communication nowadays is a combination of many disciplines, reaching from; writing and sending out press releases, to copy writing, in-depth interviews, press engagement, writing communication strategies and hosting experiences for press, influencers and consumers. Whatever the communication needs are, we can make it happen. Our team consists of communication professionals with an extensive network in different scenes. We have a long term experience in the fashion, music, lifestyle, corporate & tech scene.


The new generation is digital, and so are we. We have reinvented the way we market a brand to consumers, and came up with different ways of story telling. They all lead to creating a ‘want’ and curiosity amongst the right target audience. With long term experience in communications, we always strive to innovate into different disciplines, as in 2019 traditional communication isn’t always the answer to our clients needs. So, we focus thoroughly on influencer & consumer engagement and we always find a way into new marketing strategies. We write and shape these strategies, create tailor made marketing campaigns and build and fine tune guerilla campaigns. There's not much we can't do as we see every challenge as an opportunity!


We create tailor made experiences that fit the brand and focus on the right target audience. We connect the dots by bringing brands and guests together in an offline world. Our creativity runs through the whole process, starting with the invite. It needs to challenge the receiver to find out more about the brand. That way we create a buzz amongst people and on social media. We always make sure that the actual experience has the 'Wow'-factor. Guests need to be immersed into the brand's DNA and philosophy to really understand the product. In the end we need to make them love the product.