Speakeasy is a creative content marketing agency with a strong focus on reaching consumers.

This comes in many shapes, brought via different channels. We help brands to connect to their consumers and create relevance in a overloaded media environment.


There is an abundance of information and we've reached a point of media-overload. On a daily basis a consumer sees more than 1.500 brand messages. Brands are in total loss of how to reach their peers, with what content. That is why we make a brand stand out in the crowd and help it communicate with its target audience.


We have reinvented the way we market a brand to consumers, and came up with our 360 degree approah. We design and carry out tailor made strategies for each client. This approach enables us to really communicate the right message via the appropriate channels. By 'doing it all' we keep the brand's key messages alive. In our strategies we use the following tools: social media, newsletters, online advertising, experience events, guerrila marketing, out of home, influencer marketing and public relations.


Our team consists of professionals with an extensive network in different scenes. We have a long term experience in the fashion, music, lifestyle, corporate & tech scene, so we know how to reach the right target audience for a brand. With long term experience in these work fields, we always strive to innovate into different disciplines, but always with one goal in mind; reach the consumer between all these other brands that want their attention.