A new meaning to an old location

On Friday, November 16,  Veronicaschip officially opened its doors on the eponymous ship at the NDSM shipyard. The restaurant is located in the inner deck of the famous ship and local ingredients such as fish and vegetables will play an important role on the menu. In addition to the inside area, the Veronicaschip also has a floating terrace with a view over the IJ.

History: Between 1964 and 1974 Radio Veronica broadcasted from the ship, but that wasn’t allowed after the introduction of the anti-pirate law. In 1974, the broadcasts were declared illegal by the Dutch government. After finishing the (transmit-sea pirate) Radio Veronica, the iconic pirate ship was towed into the Netherlands via IJmuiden in 1975. After wandering in the Netherlands and Belgium, the ship serves as a location for café, club, live music stage, art and culture.